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big bang AK-47, Basically we started making our liquid because of how many times we’ve ordered juices from other companies and been either disgusted with the juices themselves, or let down because the quality of the juice was sub-par, and I’ve spent a lot of money on other vendor’s liquids. We scoured resources for top-tier quality american ingredients, and for 9 months we began developing our Bomb Sauce. We are constantly improving our liquids at every aspect you could possibly think of, and we’re always open to criticism, as it is absolutely imperative to grow and remain teachable in order to be successful. All of our liquids are developed in a sterile environment with regulated positive airflow to reduce airborne particulates and other nasty things that would contaminate the liquid making process. More importantly we are enthusiastic about our jobs and try not to take ourselves too seriously, bottom line we have fun with our customers and our business partners because we can! AK-47 Big Bang Vape, big bang vape, 100% organic vape

In addition to a very full line of E-Liquids, Big Bang offers a nice selection of vaping hardware as well. And for reasonable prices.

While this flavor was quite acceptable to start with, it is a perfect example of why some E-Liquids need for you to take the extra time and patience to give it a chance to come into its own. AK-47 Big Bang Vape, big bang vape, 100% organic vape

So if you are willing to give this product the extra time in a cool dark place to mature, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

See you soon and vape like you mean it! AK-47 Big Bang Vape, big bang vape, 100% organic vape

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